It’s never nice to have to think of another summer being over, but as the darker nights start to set in we think this could be a perfect time to sign up to an Autumn of football!

We have three of our existing Reddish leagues restarting in September, so here are your options for starting up in the next few weeks.


Our biggest league night starts another new season on 22nd September, with minimal spaces for new or returning teams. We’ve played with the format a little in recent seasons in an attempt to find a way to increase the number of teams we can accommodate, but this season we will be going back to the standard 4 divisions of 6, meaning 24 is the maximum number of spaces available. At last count we currently had 23 teams, so there’s no time for messing around…

Sunday evening games kick off between 5.30pm and 8.30pm, but we will always try our best to accomodate teams who have issues with the earlier or later kick off times. Feel free to ask…


The very next day, the 23rd September, the new Monday league will ge getting underway, and like Sunday there is currently only one space to be had. The option we have with the Monday league is to ‘overfill’ both divisions with an extra team, so we can find a couple more spaces if the demand is there. Games on a Monday kick off at either 8pm or 9pm.


Barring any teams signing up late, it looks like the new Wednesday league will be kicking off on 12th September. The Reddish Wednesday league has always been a model of consistency, but a couple of recent drop outs mean we have a couple of spaces to fill before the new season kicks off. If you like the idea of one set kick off time every week, nice and late to help avoid any work related issues, the 9pm Wednesday kick offs could be for you!

All of our Reddish league games are 50 minutes long, with games priced at £5 per player.

For more details, to register a team, or to book in a one off trial game, head to the home page and complete a ‘Join A League’ form.

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