Cancellation Policy

Cancellation terms and conditions

While we try our very best to be as flexible as possible, and will move fixtures around in order to get as many league games on on any particular night, there has to be a timeframe where we cut off any possibility of a game being postponed to ensure minimal unnecessary disruption to your opposition.

The cut off point at which a team can let us know they are unable to play without being punished with a forfeit defeat is TWO HOURS BEFORE THE GAME, as this gives us the chance to sort something else out for your opposition, and is early enough so that your opposition have not started making their way to us in the worst case. Once we are within two hours of a kick off time, that game is now ‘locked in,’ and any team cancelling within those two hours will automatically take a 5-0 defeat without exception.

Teams are also limited to no more than two postponements per season. Depending on circumstance we may declare certain night’s as ‘exempt’ from this rule due to the amount of general disruption we would expect it to cause, but these will be rare. One example of such an occurrence would have been if England had got to the World Cup Final.

If we receive enough notification of a team being unable to fulfill a fixture we will try and arrange an alternative league fixture for their opposition. In the event of that not being possible, we will offer to try and line up a suitable friendly which will be optional.