If you’ve seen those teams in their glorious Ballers ‘sponsored’ shirts and wondered what you have to do to get them, there’s two ways. Firstly, be with us long enough that you become due a set from us, or order them through us!

We’ve got plenty of styles for you to choose from, and we make no money from these shirts. We literally charge what it costs for us to buy the shirts and get them printed.

The price of each shirt includes your team badge (which our print company will design for you to sign off if you don’t already have one) and SK Ballers branding

Joma Combi Shirts


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Joma Championship V Shirts


Joma Crew IV Shirts


Joma Europa IV Shirts


Joma City Shirts


Joma Inter Shirts


Joma Totelum Shirts


For ALL shirts (regardless of style), you can add a number for £5, or a name AND number for £7.50.

If you want to order shirts from us, all orders need paying for before we place the order. The turn around on a set of shirts from time of order at the minute is approx 3 weeks.

If you’ve got any questions about any of the above, or want to place an order, get in touch.

Woodley Thursday Update

Hi guys, a quick update on how the current Thursday league is looking.

Generally, it hasn’t been great! Holidays, the return of the 11’s season, injuries, illness etc have meant that most teams have had spells this season where they have struggled to field a side. No one’s fault, just one of them things.

We’ve also had 6 teams drop out since the start of the season, and although we have teams lined up to come back in in the near future, I’m desperate to get this season finished as soon as possible. From my point of view, going to three divisions has been a mistake. Divisions of 6 are more affected by teams dropping out and cancelling, and it means we have fewer options for getting league fixtures on when teams cancel, so we will be returning to two bigger divisions for the new season. Three divisions of 6 does have it’s place, but this wasn’t the right time.

Over these next few weeks we’d appreciate as much patience as possible from our teams. Once the titles are decided in each division we will end the season and get the new one started. Obviously we still have our pitch fees to pay (the agreement with Life Leisure is that if we have any games on we have to pay our pitch costs in full), so we’d appreciate teams taking up the option of a friendly on the weeks where we can’t get you a league game

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the individual leagues are currently looking.


In the last few weeks, Inter Yanan have dropped out, leaving us with 5 teams. Unfortunately, one team had played them twice, a few teams had played them once, and one team hadn’t played them at all. This means it would be unfair on those teams who’ve played them to give the other teams a forfeit win, so we will remove the results for those games and the season will be an 8 game season.


GX FC dropped out early on in the season and were replaced, Surf On Turf dropped out a few weeks ago and TNF have dropped out this week. We do have some teams due to return (GX FC being one), but the title looks like it is pretty much decided so the games that get played in the next few weeks might not make that much difference to the final league table.

League One

We had a team drop out before the season started, and The Fellas dropped out without playing a game. Stockport Athletic took one of the spaces, but they also dropped out last week. CS FC have moved over from the Wednesday league this week, but as with the Championship, it looks likely that the title will be decided in the next couple of weeks.

Again, thanks for your patience in recent weeks, it’s not been ideal. We will hopefully have the new season starting as soon as possible, probably early October.


It’s a brave headline, as spaces are pretty limited, but if you’re looking at getting involved in a 6-a-side league in the near future, here’s where we can fit you in!


Championship: One Space

League Two: One Space


New league starts 6th September – Limited spaces…


One space available – new season starts 24th August!


League One – One Space

And that’s your lot! For details or to register your team, call or text 07809252658, email skballers@hotmail.com, or message is through any of our social media pages!


So, we were extremely pleased to be able to be able to return to 4 divisions for the start of the new Sunday league which kicks off this weekend, and we know a lot of the new teams are reliable as they have been playing friendlies for weeks. Happy days!

But then more teams kept getting in touch wanting to get involved for the new season, so at the end of the current season we were left with 26 teams for 24 slots, and in the last couple of days we’ve had a couple more enquire about joining up. We find it very hard to say no to people, so here’s the plan…

We are still going to have 4 divisions. The top two divisions will be made up of 6 teams playing each other twice (nice and straightforward). The bottom two divisions will be made up of 8 teams. Each team will play each other once, then the top 4 and bottom 4 will be split with the teams in each half playing each other a second time. Both formats make it a 10 week season. We know we will have to add weeks on for games missed, especially as April contains City v Liverpool at 4.30pm on Sunday April 10th and Easter Sunday on 17th April.

As we also don’t want to have to start games at 4.30pm or 9pm, we are having a play with the kick off times, and this is very important. Where we have previously fit a 50 minute game into an hour long slot, we are now going to be fitting them into a 55 minute slot. This means there is NO SCOPE FOR GAMES RUNNING OVER IF TEAMS ARE LATE. If your game kicks off late it will still need to finish by the time of the kick off time of the next game.

The new kick off times are going to be as follows:

5pm, 5:55pm, 6:50pm, 7:45pm and 8:40pm

Once your game is done, please vacate the pitch as quickly as you can so the next game can get kicked off, out of respect to the other teams.

We are so grateful to be having to work out a problem of this nature. To have too many teams is something we could only have dreamed of, and though we got to 5 divisions last summer we know a lot of that was down to the release from lock down meaning everyone wanted to play. To get back to those team numbers is a vindication for the work we put in, and in no small part an indication of the quality of our referees, as teams wouldn’t stick around if our refs weren’t up to scratch!

We can’t wait to get going for the new season. Let’s have a good one!


Before the end of the year 4 of our leagues will be starting fresh new seasons. If you want to be a part of our leagues come the start of 2022, don’t assume the spaces will be there if you choose to wait!

We’ll be calling time on our leagues for the year in the middle of December, so we won’t be expecting anyone to put a team out in the direct run up to Christmas, or between Christmas and New Year. After the last 18 months we’ve all had to go through, we; get the feeling a lot of people will be wanting to let off some steam over this festive period!

So, in date order, here are when our new leagues will be restarting and what spaces we have…



A couple of recent drop outs have meant that we have immediate availability to get any new teams started with friendlies from as soon as the 16th November. Numbers will dictate whether we remain at two divisions, or go for one big division for the new season when it kicks off.



Barring any late drop outs, anyone wanting to join the Woodley Wednesday league will be having to go on our waiting list for a spot. Sorry… If this is the league that best suits you, don’t let it put you off getting in touch for details.



Our ever popular and biggest league night will be starting a new season in early December, and with pitch space not a massive issue we always have the option of adding more teams in at the start of any new season. If we were to keep with the current 4 division format, we currently have ONE SPACE AVAILABLE. This also means that options are there for any new teams wanting to start straightaway to come in and play a couple of weeks of friendlies to get themselves up to speed…



The Monday league will remain at two divisions for the start of the new season, just before our Christmas break. Chances are you’ll play one game then won’t be back until the new year! Friendlies are an option for any new teams over the next few weeks as we currently have a space available. Or if you fancy your teams chances you can take up a slot in the top division for some competitive action…

All league games are priced at £5 per player, but game lengths and kick off times vary depending on venue and night.


  • CALL OR TEXT 07809252658, or
  • EMAIL skballers@hotmail.com


Both the Wednesday and Thursday league seasons at Stockport Sports Village in Woodley have been a massive success since the latest lock down eased off (remember lock downs?!).

Both leagues are on the brink of finishing, with both nights set to start new leagues in the coming weeks

All Woodley league games are 40 mins in length, priced at £5 per player, per game. Kick off times on both nights are 7, 7.45, 8.30 and 9.15pm on a random rotational basis



Spaces on either night are likely to be extremely limited, so to register your interest get in touch asap!



If we choose to play right through to Christmas week, there’s 8 full weeks worth of fixtures that can be played between now and the festive period. That’s a fair few calories you can shift before the festive excesses kick in! If you’ve been thinking about putting a team together and joining a league, here’s the spaces we currently have in our Reddish leagues:

As a general rule, all of the Reddish leagues are made up of 50 minute games, all priced at £5 per player per game


The Sunday league is our biggest league night, with 4 divisions allowing for the greatest variety of standards that we can offer.

We have ONE SPACE in the top division, but as we approach the end of the season, this is probably the best option a new team would have of securing their space for the new season when it restarts towards the end of the year.

Games kick off between 5.30pm and 8.30pm, but if you might struggle for the earlier or later games we do our best to accommodate


You might need to fancy yourselves if you want to take up the challenge of the Monday league. Our only space is in the top division, which is probably the highest standard we have across our league nights. Again, by signing up now you’re securing your space for the new season which will also start before the end of the year.

Games kick off at either 8pm or 9pm on a random rotational basis


While we currently, on paper have no spaces, we are keen to get back to divisions of 7 for the new season which will start (you’ve guessed it) before the end of the year! Fill in friendly games for teams waiting for a space can be arranged while we wait for an actual league spot.

Games kick off at either 8pm or 9pm on a random rotational basis


Our ‘late night’ Wednesday league is currently full, but without any teams on standby we could find space for a new team at any time.

All games kick off at 9pm, which works well for some teams based on work shifts, and offers a fixed weekly time for their game



So, we’re basically a month away from the due date of the Ballers baby. Without being dramatic (I’m not the first person to ever have a baby to look after…), one of my biggest stresses at this time is how I’m going to be able to keep the business running smoothly at a time where my personal life is going to be facing a massive (but happy!) change. I’m a bit worried about a lack of sleep too…

I want the leagues to continue with minimal disruptions, but I’m going to need all the help from you, the teams, to make that happen. I have people who can cover the evenings in terms of taking the payments and being a point of contact if there’s any issues on the nights, but in terms of the day to day organisation, that will continue to be all me.

Over these next couple of months, for the sake of all the other teams, I’m begging you to manage your teams by getting the numbers confirmed extra early, getting your squad lists to us in plenty of time, or letting us know of any issues as soon as is humanly possible,

From my end, I’m going to try and ensure I’m getting the kick off times out as early as possible, so if you’re getting your kick off time 4/5 days before your game, try and start organising your numbers there and then. If you struggle for time to start organising the numbers in advance, give me the number of another lad from your team who I can include in the confirmation texts so they can help you. I don’t mind sending the text to as many people as is needed, if it helps.

It’s doubtful that I’m going to have the time to be scrambling around for players in the hours leading up to the games, but if you tell me a day or two before your game that you’re struggling, I’ll find the time to ask around, but please ensure that you’ve exhausted all of your options before you put it on me to help you out. We have over 100 teams now, it’s a lot to manage… Don’t forget we have the SK Ballers Player Pool on Facebook that you can use to ask about for players yourself (request to join if you aren’t already in it).

As things stand, I don’t intend to cancel any league nights, but without knowing exactly when the event is going to take place it’s hard to guarantee. If Hayley goes into labour at a time and on a day where a lot of work needs doing to confirm games for that night, that night may be cancelled. In an ideal world she’ll go into labour on a Friday morning…

Life feels like it has fully returned to normal now, and the heady days of Ballers being one of the only things people can do seems like a long time ago. We have teams having issues with holidays, isolation, the return of the Premier League and 11-a-side football etc, so I understand at times it’s difficult to get the numbers.

I apologise in advance (and retrospectively) if I’m not as quick at getting back to people at the moment. I’ve been trying to find some time over Fridays and Saturdays to get things ready for the new arrival. If anything is urgent I will regularly be checking the phone and will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you and your lads really want to play football, we all need to work together to ensure that the leagues run as smoothly as possible going forward.



We have several leagues that are heading into the final stages, meaning we have options for any new or returning teams wanting to get signed up for an Autumn of football.


Our Tuesday league will be finishing up in two weeks time, with the NEW LEAGUE set to start on 31ST AUGUST. At the moment we know we have space for at least ONE NEW TEAM. Our Tuesday league is made up of two divisions, with all games kicking off at either 8pm or 9pm.


Our ever popular Sunday league is also set to restart on 29TH AUGUST (possibly the week after, given that this is a bank holiday!). We currently have 5 divisions, which we hope to maintain, so we should be able to find space for ONE OR TWO NEW TEAMS for the new season. Game kick off times range from 4.30pm to 8.30pm, but we can accommodate requests for earlier or later games.

All of the Reddish league games are 50 minutes in length, all priced at £5 per player, per game.

For further details or to register your team, call or text 07809252658, or complete a ‘Join A League’ form from the homepage.


We are roughly 6 weeks away from marking a significant milestone of 5 years in business, but before we get to celebrate that, we have something else to feel pretty pleased about.

Having recently restarted a number of our league seasons across our two venues, and having been in a position to add extra teams to each of these leagues, we have hit triple digits in our league team numbers for the first time!

To be able to say that we now have 103 teams across our 6 leagues feels like a significant achievement, and should certainly cement our position as a major player in the small sided football game in the Stockport area! Hopefully a few of you will see that number and realise just how many teams we have to juggle around on a weekly basis!

If you have been with us or were with us since day 1, we couldn’t have done it without you and we’re so grateful to you all. If you’ve only recently discovered us and are part of the new batch of teams, we’re glad you were able to find us as we continue to build our dynasty. Every piece of social media commenting, liking or sharing has helped us keep spreading the word, as we don’t exactly have a massive advertising budget, so if you could all continue to do your part it would be appreciated.

Potential further venues could be in the pipeline going forward, so it’s time to start aiming at 200…!