Our brand new Sunday league kicked off this week, but as I’ve been having another little tinker I figured I best let you know how we’re set up for the new season…

With having to try and cram 28 teams in, we’ve gone with the usual 4 divisions, with the top division and bottom division being made up of 6 teams, and the two middle divisions made up of 8.

The divisions of 6 will be a straight forward play each other twice affair, while the divisions of 8 will involve each team playing each other once, then the top 4 and bottom 4 splitting off for the second round of games. This means that all divisions are still made up of 10 games in the season.

The reason why I’ve decided to do it this way this time, where previously the bottom division was the one that had 8 teams, is that it means that in the two divisions of 8, when we do the split the teams in the bottom half still have something to play for, namely avoiding relegation!

Hope that all makes sense, if there’s any questions, feel free to ask!

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