Woodley Thursday Update

Hi guys, a quick update on how the current Thursday league is looking.

Generally, it hasn’t been great! Holidays, the return of the 11’s season, injuries, illness etc have meant that most teams have had spells this season where they have struggled to field a side. No one’s fault, just one of them things.

We’ve also had 6 teams drop out since the start of the season, and although we have teams lined up to come back in in the near future, I’m desperate to get this season finished as soon as possible. From my point of view, going to three divisions has been a mistake. Divisions of 6 are more affected by teams dropping out and cancelling, and it means we have fewer options for getting league fixtures on when teams cancel, so we will be returning to two bigger divisions for the new season. Three divisions of 6 does have it’s place, but this wasn’t the right time.

Over these next few weeks we’d appreciate as much patience as possible from our teams. Once the titles are decided in each division we will end the season and get the new one started. Obviously we still have our pitch fees to pay (the agreement with Life Leisure is that if we have any games on we have to pay our pitch costs in full), so we’d appreciate teams taking up the option of a friendly on the weeks where we can’t get you a league game

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the individual leagues are currently looking.


In the last few weeks, Inter Yanan have dropped out, leaving us with 5 teams. Unfortunately, one team had played them twice, a few teams had played them once, and one team hadn’t played them at all. This means it would be unfair on those teams who’ve played them to give the other teams a forfeit win, so we will remove the results for those games and the season will be an 8 game season.


GX FC dropped out early on in the season and were replaced, Surf On Turf dropped out a few weeks ago and TNF have dropped out this week. We do have some teams due to return (GX FC being one), but the title looks like it is pretty much decided so the games that get played in the next few weeks might not make that much difference to the final league table.

League One

We had a team drop out before the season started, and The Fellas dropped out without playing a game. Stockport Athletic took one of the spaces, but they also dropped out last week. CS FC have moved over from the Wednesday league this week, but as with the Championship, it looks likely that the title will be decided in the next couple of weeks.

Again, thanks for your patience in recent weeks, it’s not been ideal. We will hopefully have the new season starting as soon as possible, probably early October.

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